01-23TroopDel Valle Day Hike
01-26TroopPatrol Leaders Council Meeting
02-02TroopTroop Meeting
02-04TroopCommittee Meeting
02-11TroopTroop Introduction
02-16TroopTroop Meeting
02-22TroopTroop Parent Meeting
02-23TroopPatrol Leaders Council Meeting
03-02TroopTroop Meeting
03-04TroopCommittee Meeting
03-16TroopTroop Meeting
03-23TroopPatrol Leaders Council Meeting
04-01TroopCommittee Meeting
04-06TroopTroop Meeting
01-23TroopDel Valle Day Hike
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02-11TroopTroop Introduction
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Troop 905 Ongoing Fundraiser - Free eWaste Pickup

To schedule a pickup of your computer/tv/ewaste please visit www.ewaste4good.com or
call 1-800-317-3112 and reference "Boy Scout Troop 905 Dublin"


2021 Christmas Tree Pickup

Posted on Dec 12 2020 - 7:22pm

Troop 905, 

The Christmas Tree Pickup is our largest Fundraiser of the year and we need everyone's help to make it a success. For those of you not familiar with this event, here is a quick summary: Our goal is to collect and recycle Christmas Trees in the City of Dublin.

New Eagle Required MB coming

Posted on Nov 19 2020 - 7:55pm

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Merit Badge

DEI MB is coming January 1st, there is a video from national giving a brief overview. It is due to become Eagle Required May 1st. National has not given guidance on in progress Eagle and if they need it. More guidance will be forthcoming. There will now be 14 Eagle Required MB's but the total remains at 21. There will obviously be a need for Counselors so please look at this video ( https://vimeo.com/476454128 )and decide if it is a good fit for you. A notice will go out advising when you can send in your update forms. PLEASE do not send earlier as we cannot do anything with them until it goes live in registration system.

Ron Fedele
Scoutbook Champion

Troop 905 Online Parent Meeting on Nov 16@7PM

Posted on Nov 6 2020 - 2:26pm
On November 16, 2020 at 7pm, a parent meeting will be held via Zoom, link below. You are highly encouraged to join. The following items will be presented: 
  • Rechartering with the Troop (this is about troop dues)
  • Troop 905 outlined a plan for the remaining 2020 and 2021 years for scout activities
  • Also the committee wants your feedback if it would be valuable to have parent hours such that us leaders can answer your questions.
Zoom Meeting Info:

Topic: Troop 905 Parent Meeting

Scouting for Food - November 14, 2020

Posted on Oct 21 2020 - 4:39pm

Troop 905 will be hosting is Scouting For Food on November 14,2020.  Troop 905 responsibilities will be to collect the food from the participants dropping off the food and place the food in bins that will be provided by Alameda food bank.  The event will be held at the Scout Shack.

Rewatch the Oct 4, 2020 COH

Posted on Oct 6 2020 - 11:04am

In case you missed it, we've uploaded the VOD of the Court of Honor on the Troop 905 Youtube channel, so you can view it anytime for your own viewing pleasures! You can view it here. We also have photos of the COH that you can view here. Many thanks to Cindy Armanini for donating her time to take these pictures.

Troop 905 Fall COH on Oct 4,2020

Posted on Oct 2 2020 - 12:47pm

Troop 905 Fall COH will be held in St. Raymond's Church Parking Lot (11555 Shannon Ave, Dublin, CA 94568) from 3:15-5:00PM on Oct 4, 2020.



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