10-15TroopTroop Meeting
10-18 -> 10-19TroopOA Ordeal
10-18 -> 10-20TroopMoaning Caverns Tour / Calaveras Big Trees Camp
10-22PLCPatrol Leaders Council Meeting
10-29TroopAdvancement Night
11-03TroopMiguel Arada's Eagle Scout Celebration
11-05TroopTroop Meeting
11-06CommitteeCommittee Meeting
11-12TroopTroop Meeting
11-14Committee | ASMScout Roundtable / OA
11-16TroopScouting for Food (Collection Point)
11-19TroopPatrol Leaders Council Meeting
11-23 -> 11-24TroopBSA Swimming Merit Badge Session
11-24 -> 11-27TroopPismo Beach **MUST BE FIRST CLASS OR ABOVE**
11-03TroopMiguel Arada's Eagle Scout Celebration
6 people attending
Register before Oct 28, 2019
11-24 -> 11-27TroopPismo Beach **MUST BE FIRST CLASS OR ABOVE**
13/14 scouts attending
Register before Nov 05, 2019
12-13 -> 12-15Backstreet BoysBackstreet Boys Patrol Event
0 people attending
12-13 -> 12-15Blue GorillasBlue Gorillas Patrol Event
1 people attending
12-13 -> 12-15Irish SwordsmenIrish Swordsmen Patrol Event
3 people attending
12-13 -> 12-15Rad Elite DragonsRadically Elite Dragons Patrol Event
0 people attending
12-13 -> 12-15Maj Purple PandasMajestic Purple Pandas Patrol Event
2 people attending
12-13 -> 12-15Lux LumberjacksLuxurious Lumberjacks Patrol Event
0 people attending
01-11TroopILST - Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops
2 people attending
01-18TroopWinter Camp Awareness
9 people attending
01-24 -> 01-26TroopDodge Ridge Ski Trip (Age/Rank Rqmts must be met)
10/16 scouts attending
02-07 -> 02-08TroopUSS Pampanito Overnighter on a Submarine
7/48 people attending
02-15 -> 02-17TroopKlondike Derby
3 people attending
03-01TroopRegister for Eagle Requirement CAMP
1 people attending
03-07TroopRim Rover Hike @ Mt. Diablo
10 people attending
03-21 -> 03-22TroopCastle Rock (Intro to Backpacking)
3 people attending
04-04TroopMission Peak Rim Rover Hike
4 people attending
04-17 -> 04-19TroopPre-Camporee / Rank Advancement
2 people attending
07-19 -> 07-25TroopWente Summer Camp (Sailor's Rest Campsite)
2/60 scouts attending

Welcome to Troop 905's Website! WHO ARE WE?... WHERE DO WE GO?...WHAT DO WE DO?... ...click 'ABOUT US' for more!

 Troop 905 Ongoing Fundraiser - Free eWaste Pickup

To schedule a pickup of your computer/tv/ewaste please visit www.ewaste4good.com or

call 1-800-317-3112 and reference "Boy Scout Troop 905 Dublin"

Additional BSA Swimming Merit Badge Session

Posted on Oct 13 2019 - 10:59am

When: November 23, 2019 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm


November 24, 8:30 am-12:30 pm


November 24, 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Posted on Oct 6 2019 - 10:27am

Any adult can be a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) and play a key role in helping scouts learn about a life skill, a profession, or perhaps a special craft or hobby.  By serving as a merit badge counselor you offer your time, knowledge, and other resources so that scouts can explore a topic of interest.

Miguel Arada's Eagle Celebration - You are Invited!

Posted on Sep 24 2019 - 10:19pm
Nov 3 2019 - 2:00pm
Nov 3 2019 - 4:00pm

Volunteer for Gunnar Summersett's Eagle Scout Service Project

Posted on Sep 24 2019 - 10:11pm

Dates:  Saturday, Sept 28 and Sunday, Sept 29

Time:  9 am - 4:00 pm

  • You can work part of the shift, or stay the entire time
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and drinks will be provided
  • Wear Class B T-shirts and closed toed shoes.
  • Please bring gloves, if you have any
  • Eligible for service hours

 Event details:

St. Raymond Fall Festival!

Posted on Sep 14 2019 - 11:05pm

SIGN UP HERE  Shift Captains are simply monitoring participants signing in and signing out as well as ensuring the needs of Trash cleanup are taking place.  Game booth participants, after checking in, go directly to the Volunteer Booth to work the Dunk Tank. IT'S TIME TO STEP UP. IT'S TIME TO REPRESENT!!!

Volunteer for Evan Bolton's Eagle Project

Posted on Sep 7 2019 - 10:39am


Please volunteer for Evan Bolton's Eagle project using the link below on 9/21 and 9/29

John Knox Presbyterian Church Landscaping Project

If you would like to help landscape the South side of John Knox Presbyterian Church, please look at the available time slots. Thank you 



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