Happy Holidays Dublin Residents!

Troop 905 is collecting Dublin Residence’s Holiday trees for a $10 donation on January 1, 2023.
Important: Please no flocked trees. Troop 905 cannot accept flocked trees.
Donations for Holiday Tree pickups are only accepted in the forms of Paypal or check.
Hope do I signup?
The signup for your pickup is tied to your payment through Paypal or the address written on your check (alternative address accepted if a provided in notes of Paypal or your check).
How to make your donations to Troop 905?
- St. Raymond’s Church is noted in the Paypal, the church sponsors Troop 905 -
- Please log into your Paypal account and send money  to or click here.
- Input the donation amount
- Select your payment account and click  "Next"
- Verify / Input your address where you want Troop 905 to pickup the tree. This is very important, or Troop 905 will not have your address to pickup the tree.
- Add any special instructions in the "Add a Note" field. This is helpful for specific locations of the tree or helping correlate email addresses of Paypal to the email address of the donor.
- Paypal submissions for tree donations needs to be completed by  3pm December 31, 2022. After this time, Troop 905 cannot guarantee your tree will be picked up, but we will attempt to ensure it is picked up.
Check Donations
- Check submissions must be sent no later than December 28, 2022 for your holiday  tree to be picked up on January  1st, 2023.
- If you plan on paying by check, please make your check out to Boy Scout Troop 905 and send your check to the following address:
Boy Scout Troop 905
8483 Galindo Dr.
Dublin, CA 94568
Holiday Tree Pickup Day: January 1, 2023
- Please have your tree at the curb no later than 8am.
- Please be patient with the Troop, as typically we have an excess of 400 trees or more to pickup.
- Sometimes Scouts cannot locate a tree or they overlook trees as residents sometimes pile trees together.
- If the Troop has not picked up your tree by 1pm, please email
Can you still donate to Troop 905 for the Holiday Tree fundraiser even if you don't have a tree to pickup?
Yes! Troop 905 appreciates your donation as it provides  invaluable funds to support the Troop 905 program that teaches the Scouts to become tomorrow's leaders and to choose moral and ethical choices.
Troop 905 would like to thank the following organizations for their donations in making this fundraiser a successful event:
- Amador Valley Industries - Donation of the roll off dumpsters.
- U-Haul of Dublin - Donation  of the box trucks and trailers
- City of Dublin - For use of the space at the sports grounds and The Wave parking lots.
- Troop 905 Families - donating their time and supporting the Troop.

Citizenship in Society Merit Badge Guidance

Posted on Nov 23 2022 - 8:44pm

For Scouts seeking Citizenship in Society Merit Badge follow the link below to the GGAC Council website for guidance on your application and participation in the Merit Badge.

Troop 905 Fall Court of Honor on October 30

Posted on Oct 8 2022 - 10:17am


Please see details for the Troop 905 Fall Court of Honor on October 30, here.

Troop 905 Recharter

Posted on Sep 20 2022 - 7:46am

Hello Troop 905 families,

For those of you that are new to the Boy Scouts, our national and council organization requires that each unit re-charter annually. This means collecting the national and council BSA fees for each youth as well as our Troop dues for 2023. These fees pay for Troop 905 activities that occur all year.  These fees do not include food or gas fees for most outings; these will need to be paid by your scout at the time of the event.   All of the events planned achieve the aims and goals of Scouting.

Congratulate Troop 905's New Scout Leadership

Posted on Sep 11 2022 - 1:15pm

Congratulations for the following Scouts that got voted into new Leadership positions.

The troop is looking forward to their guidance.

  • Senior Patrol Leadership
    • SPL – Sunaad Shastry
    • ASPL – Vardaan Singhania
    • ASPL – Dayne Punzalan
    • ASPL – Anuraag Aravind 
    • Bugler – Gautam Kanwar
    • Scribe – Sid Bobba
    • Webmaster – Mohit Varikuti
    • Historian – Abhiru Varikuti
    • Librarian – Abhinav Alla
    • Quartermaster – Arvin Andiappan
    • Chaplain’s Aide – Sujan Julian
    • OA Rep - Shane O' Flynn
  • Radical Elite Dragons Patrol
    • PL – Pranav Thurgram
    • APL – Rohan Masun
    • QM – Andrew Raschko
  • Majestic Purple Pandas Patrol
    • PL – Aditya Bakhandi
    • APL – Sid Bobba
    • QM – Somil Jain
  • Blue Gorillas
    • PL – Dhruv Vootkuri
    • APL – Mohit Varikuti
    • QM – Arvin Andiappan
  • Luxurious Lumberjacks
    • PL – Nathan Yee
    • APL – Saif Jeelani
    • QM - Joshua Louis
  • Irish Swordsmen
    • PL – David Liu
    • APL- Siddarth Vemuri
    • QM – Yash Gooty
  • Troop Guides

Raffle for Half Dome 2 Plus Tent From REI

Posted on Jun 20 2022 - 6:59pm

To enter into the raffle for the, Scouts will need to demonstrate access to Scout Book to the Committee Chair.  Of the first 50% of scouts demonstrating their access to Scoutbook, they will be entered into a raffle to win the following tent.   

Going to Wente!? Read this important information below.

Posted on Jun 18 2022 - 7:58pm
Please see the details below for the upcoming for Wente Scout Reservation Summer Camp.  Various actions are required on your part.




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